“Media Advocate” Initiative Launches Public Fundraising in Support of “Novaya Vremya” Newspaper

“Media Advocate” is launching a public fundraising campaign in support of the “Novaya Vremya” newspaper, which suffered significant damage following a fire at the Press Building. As a result, the activity of editorial office is currently suspended and staff is unable to work.

We urge our journalist colleagues and media outlets to express solidarity and support “Novaya Vremya” newspaper by joining the fundraising.

You can transfer money to:

  1. Tel Cell wallet: 95874249
  2. Idram ID` 248463380
  3. Ineco Bank Visa Card Number 4578890000211720

P.s. Each employee of “Media Advocate” Initiative joins the fundraising transferring 1,000 drams each. Any help is important right now.