Azatutyun has been actively engaged in discrediting Hrayr Tovmasyan

On January 27, Azatutyun TV’s Karlen Aslanyan hosted two members of “My Step” Fraction; Hayk Konjoryan and Alen Simonyan. One of the interviews was titled: “Hrayr Tovmasyan used to do the ugly face of the former regime” and “Vanetsyan called me regarding Hrayr Tovmasyan’s case”. Hrayr Tamrazyan, the director of RFE/RL’s Armenian Service spoke this week about hate speech and manipulation, while they are the ones who adopted such style. The headlines contain both hatred and insult. Even if they are quoted from speeches of the guests, there is not at least one contrary opinion. Moreover, Azatutyun adopted a practice of broadcasting an obviously selected part of the speech of one of the authorities, and to quote the same words, that is to retell them. As for yesterday’s prime minister’s live, the following quotes were chosen and captioned from his speech: “Hrayr Tovmasyan is engaged in the logic of a hybrid revolution,” “The devil is in the details,” “The CC president has become a political opposition.” We also notice that there exist only one or two lawyers and human rights defenders for Azatutyun; One may always see the same faces that voice the same ideas. Within the context of developments regarding Hrayr Tovmasyan, lawyer Tigran Yegoryan is the one who is regularly invited to Azatutyun: he promotes the thesis that there is a crisis in the CC and that Tovmasyan has appropriated the court.

“Media Advocate” initiative reaffirms that this is all political propaganda, against journalistic principles, and crosses not only professional but also moral boundaries.