“Media Advocate” urges to provide impartial and comprehensive information

The November 21 issue of the Public Television referred to Serzh Sargsyan’s speech at the EPP congress. The report was entirely based on the speech of Prime Minister’s spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan. Reference was also made to the recent meeting of the Vernatun Public-Political Club, founded by former Chairman of the Public Council Vazgen Manukyan. The report was critical, unilateral, no comment from any Republican party representative was presented. The report was followed by commentary of the NA Vice President Alen Simonyan after the session of the Football Federation Executive Committee. Simonyan also criticized Serzh Sargsyan’s speech and Vernatun club meeting.

“Media Advocate” Initiative urges the Public television to serve the public, to provide impartial and comprehensive information. We regularly notice gross violations of journalistic norms, in particular the principle of neutrality is violated, a government propaganda is undertaken.