We urge to maintain a balanced attitude

On June 27, “Azatutyun”’s Information Center touched upon the change of Robert Kocharyan’s preventive measure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cwZ419WCog

“Azatutyun”’s news presenter asks whether “the second president, who is in freedom for already one and a half months now, has influenced the judicial process in any way.” In an interview with Andranik Kocharyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security, the latter insists that the court’s decision was right. “Kocharyan could have influenced the processes taking into consideration his type. His type is the one who even sits on a dead lion’s shoulders; it’s a type. Naturally, there are certain misgivings.” Andranik Kocharyan recalls the decision of the first instance court to change Robert Kocharyan’s preventive measure. “There was an impression that prior to the decision, Kocharyan and his team had been aware of the decision, which showed that they were able to influence the judge.”

It is noteworthy that during the broadcast of that day and in the press service’s publications there weren’t any materials presenting the point of the opposite side.

We urge the “Azatutyun” News Service to maintain a balanced attitude in the materials containing such allegations, trying to present an opposite point of view, otherwise, principles of journalistic ethics are being violated.