“Azatutyun” once again affirmed its biased position

On May 21, within the framework of the program “Politics inside”, “Azatutyun” hosted political commentator Hakob Badalyan and publicist Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan. The discussion topic was the following: “Does Kocharyan’s release speak of the changes in the political situation.” https://www.youtube .com / watch? v = R6LQxvQTib8

The discussion was one-sided, as the guests were unanimous and they actually complemented each other. The opposite point of view was absent, in fact only the journalist could fix the situation, who was asking directed questions instead (6: 09-9: 51).

Robert Kocharyan’s release from detention was linked to the disgraceful tendency of handing over the lands in Artsakh and was assessed as a conspiracy drawing parallels with the Prime Minister’s speech (1: 44-3: 31). Meanwhile, when the guest was trying to comment based on the political peculiarities of the region, the journalist was interrupting him, making him address the factor of Kocharyan’s release.

The fact of being a guarantor of the former and current presidents of Artsakh was interpreted as provocation of some forces, without any serious justification. (19: 39-22: 00)

“Azatutyun” once again affirmed its biased position.