Printed media coverage of the Artsakh issue

From February 12 to 21, 2019, the “Media Advocate” Initiative followed printed media coverage of the Artsakh issue. The leading Armenian newspapers have been monitored. They were selected from the list of the newspapers included in “Haypost”, which have a wide consumption and popularity among the society.

3 categories were selected:

News / Analysis / Opinion

In addition, the materials have also been segmented as negative / positive / neutral

During the specified period, the surface measurement by square centimeters was chosen as the basis for the study. Thus, the total print run of selected newspapers was 432,180 cm2. Of which 15696 cm2 has been allocated for the mentioned topic. With interest rate it is 3.6%.

Opinion: 4997.5 cm2 (32 percent), of which,

  • 78 – negative
  • 95 – positive
  • 8 – neutral

News: 2475.8 cm2 (15.7 percent), of which,

  • 0 – negative
  • 119 – positive
  • 8 – neutral

Analysis: 8222.5 cm2 (52.3 percent), of which,

  • 25 – negative
  • 2184 – positive
  • 25 – neutral

According to the segments the overall result is as follows:

  • Negative – 1696 (11 percent),
  • Neutral – 10626 (67.6 per cent),
  • Positive – 95 (21.4 percent).

The topic of the Artsakh issue is actively discussed in social networks and online media, debates take place, but the topic is not on the agenda of the printed media. The above-mentioned numbers are the proof of it. Only 3,6% of attention was given to the Artsakh issue, whereas the coverage of legal topics, which are largely of political nature, was tripled. With this low results, it is not possible to make an accurate analysis that will comprehensively represent the situation in the media.

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