In the last post by “Media Advocate” initiative (16:46, 19.02.2019) there was a statement saying “There is a situation when the Press Office of the Government Staff did not deal with the accreditation of the media because of some incomprehensible reasons and that function was assigned to a private company.”

Talking to Vladimir Karapetian, we got a clearing statement: He told us that that during the events organized by private companies with the participation of the Prime Minister, the Press Office does not perform any journalistic and news agencies’ accreditation functions unless a private company applies to make the accreditation process organized by the Government’s Press Office.

In conversation with Vladimir Karapetyan it was also explained that during the conversation there was a misunderstanding which found a place in the article: when saying “Call “The LOFT”” Karapetyan meant the organizers which then happened to be “Antares Media Holding.”

So, the sentence saying “Director of “The Loft”, Arevik Hambardzumyan denied the information provided by Vladimir Karapetyan”, is simply a result of a misunderstanding.

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