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The media was unfairly accused of disseminating fake news published an article entitled “The National Assembly Members were again given a bonus.” Hovhannes Hovhannisyan and Babken Tunyan, deputies from the “My Step” fraction, tried to deny as they posted denying updates on their Facebook pages. Keep Reading

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RFE/RL’s Infographic

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Armenian Service has introduced an infographic on coronavirus in Armenia, reflecting the number of people infected by days. This infographic contained obvious manipulations. Keep Reading

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It is enough to set up Signal 😬))

The draft law on the control of telephone conversations, which was adopted in the first reading, and failed in the second, as a result of which, the government officials convened an extraordinary session without opposition representatives, evoked panic among the authorities themselves. Keep Reading

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Questions raised by media are ignored

As a result of Coronavirus outbreak, reporters send their questions online in order them to be raised during the press conferences of government officials. According to the set rules, these questions should be raised, but we have a situation where questions raised by several media outlets are actually ignored. Keep Reading

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