Media Advocate: CC continues showing street manners

Sargis Aleksanyan, a member of the governing body of the “Civil Contract” party, insulted the Human Rights Defender on his Facebook page, expressing support for the Minister of Minister of High-Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan, who attacked the journalist. “My Step” MP Nikolay Baghdasaryan, in turn, liked that publication.

It should be reminded that yesterday an incident took place between journalist Paylak Fahradyan and Minister Hakob Arshakyan, the latter attacked the journalist with fists, causing bodily injuries, Paylak Fahradyan’s computer was also damaged.

“Media Advocate” initiative is puzzled by the fact that the Civil Contract continues showing street manners. Instead of alleviating the situation, the latter tries to protect Hakob Arshakyan with insulting posts; the deputies of the “My Step” alliance also participate in that so-called “street-like defense.”

“Media Advocate” initiative states that the authorities do not admit their own mistakes, moreover, they continue their aggressive attacks on freedom of speech, insulting the human rights defender organization which has raised its voice to protect the rights of journalists.

“Media Advocate” initiative once again reminds that it supports journalist Paylak Fahradyan, and in this case also the Ombudsman’s Office. Street manners are unacceptable.