The commentator of the Public TV makes a claim during its newscast preview

The newscast of the Public TV referred to the statement of the former Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia Mikayel Minasyan in relation to the statement on NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan, according to which the latter was an agent of special services. During the newscast preview the news commentator noted: “This week’s assignment of the creators of fake news is to make the NA Speaker a Turkish agent, to attribute real estate to Anna Hakobyan, which she received from Aliyev.”

During the broadcast, Ararat Mirzoyan’s answer that is the whole Facebook post was presented, while Mikayel Minasyan’s statement was not presented. It should be reminded that Mikayel Minasyan also published a secret document, according to which Ararat Mirzoyan became an NSS agent back in 2007, in fact, becoming a double agent. Minasyan suggested subjecting the document to a forensic handwriting examination to find out its authenticity. The media outlet also presented the NSS statement according to which Mikayel Minasyan’s statement was false, while the allegations of the opposition representatives that Ararat Mirzoyan should send the paper for handwriting examination to refute the accusations against him were not presented. In a statement issued by the NSS, the National Security Service urged Minasyan “to remain within the legal frameworks.” That expression had become a topic of discussion among lawyers. It is mentioned that the NSS had no obligation to refute or confirm the fact that this or that person is an agent or not.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges the news outlets of the publicly funded TV company to completely present the topics of public interest. The commentator has no right to express his point of view and make an obvious assertion in the announcement. Manipulating the society is inadmissible.