Incident between MP Hayk Sargsyan and journalist Syuzy Badoyan

Today an incident occurred between NA deputy Hayk Sargsyan and journalist Syuzy Badoyan.

The NA deputy rudely behaved
towards the journalist, insulting both the journalist’s personality and her professional work.

Syuzy Badoyan told “Media Advocate” that she was not going to conduct an interview with Hayk Sargsyan. Furthermore, Hayk Sargsyan himself approached the journalist, took her by the hand and then took her microphone. According to Syuzy Badoyan, she tried to settle the conflict without making it public.

“Media Advocate” initiative finds that the NA deputy not only behaved indecently for the NA deputy, but also displayed street-like manners. We urge the NA Ethics Committee to discuss the issue, to envisage a punishment up to deprivation of the mandate for such behavior.

Lilit Makunts, who is the head of the “My Step” fraction of the National Assembly, must take measures and also mediate in order to deprive Hayk Sargsyan of his mandate.