The government is ill-starred: Petros Ghazaryan regularly interrupted Gegham Manukyan

On November 30, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest on Public TV was the head of news, social and political programs of Yerkir Media TV, a representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF Dashnaktsutyun) Gegham Manukyan, who ended his hunger strike today, on the 9th day, but will continue to demand the Prime Minister’s resignation.
Petros Ghazaryan regularly interrupted the guest, did not allow him to finish his sentence. Gegham Manukyan, however, was balanced and spoke with facts, asked not to interrupt, reminded of Nikol Pashinyan’s statements: “He used to say he would discuss any good option with us, in the end he secretly signed the capitulation agreement.” The host was emotional, he expressed his point of view and tried to lay the responsibility for the problems on the shoulders of the former authorities: “You were robbing the country, I remember, you were falsifying the elections, weren’t you a member of the coalition?” At the end of the program he said: “I’m sorry I took so much energy from you.”