Lena Nazaryan’s enduring silence: The NA Deputy Speaker has no answer

On November 25, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest on Public TV was NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan. Petros Ghazaryan voiced the accusations and demands raised among the public.

Lena Nazaryan was confused. When asked by the host about the proper time for the elections, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly was silent for a long time, after which she responded: “Given these conditions, it may be right to talk about it.” Lena Nazaryan didn’t have answers to other questions either; instead, she gave a legal definition of the word “traitor”: “We must show people the future that we represent, and people must be able to make a choice only around this idea” … “Nobody says that the ruling power is not responsible for this”. Lena Nazaryan referred to the concerns of society, while she herself was concerned and was constantly trying to justify herself.

“Media Advocate: initiative considers it shameful for such a high-ranking official to be unprepared. This is yet another proof that the authorities have lost both the trust of the people and the self-trust.