Ruben Rubinyan said he is guilty, but did not admit the accusations at the same time

On November 23, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest on Public TV was Ruben Rubinyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, MP of the “My Step” fraction. The host asked: “Do you admit that in two and a half years, you have formed such opposition-government relations (let us crush, lay them on the asphalt) that it is difficult establish those relations today, that is, you did not contribute to its establishment.”

The deputy answered: “I categorically do not accept that, because, if we remember the years that preceded those two and a half years, when they were detained and arrested, have you seen in these two and a half years that an innocent person is beaten or a journalist is killed for political views?” Petros Ghazaryan interrupted: “We have seen such an atmosphere,” in response to which Ruben Rubinyan noted: “That is, in the previous years, when journalists were beaten or bribed or imprisoned, it was not a bad atmosphere, and in two and a half years, when such cases are excluded, is it a bad atmosphere?”

“Media Advocate” initiative notes that Petros Ghazaryan voiced the criticism and concerns raised among the public, while the deputy’s speech was contradictory. Rubinyan said he is guilty, while he could not present a counter-argument of criticism and accusation, instead he referred to the past again and blamed the former ones.