The right to free assembly and speech is restricted in the Republic of Armenia

It is been a long time since the authorities signed a shameful document, by which 80% of Artsakh is handed over to the rule of Azerbaijan. When signing this document, it was forbidden to criticize the actions of the authorities in Armenia, which was a clear example of restriction of freedom of speech.

After the signing of the document, many citizens hold peaceful demonstrations, actions of civil disobedience, and raise their voices during the protests. All this is rudely prevented by the police forces.

The police state that martial law has been declared in Armenia and protests should not be carried out, thus restricting people’s right to free speech.

In fact, the martial law is artificially maintained in Armenia so that the authorities can suppress the right of opposition politicians and citizens to speak and hold free assemblies.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges the police not to become a puppet in the hands of the ruling elite, not to resort to actions that are pro-government. These authorities have reduced the role and significance of the Police, furthermore, the respect for the structure is being undermined.