Arman Babajanyan blamed for the defeat the former authorities when hosted in Public TV

On November 19, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest in Public Television’s pavilion was an independent deputy, head of the “For the sake of the Republic” (Hanun Hanrapetutyan) party Arman Babajanyan. The discussion started with accusations against the head of the military control service of the Armenian Defense Ministry Movses Hakobyan, who was dismissed from his post. Arman Babajanyan noted: “Who does not know who Movses Hakobyan is, what kind of robbery he was engaged in? The origin of Movses Hakobyan’s property accumulated in Armenia should be studied. His statements today are not worth a single penny.” Petros Ghazaryan noted: “Even if he robbed or did not, in due time he would have been arrested and not given a position. They recall one’s property when he voices accusations, which means that there are no other arguments.”

Then Petros Ghazaryan asked: “16 parties state that Pashinyan must leave. This essentially means early parliamentary elections by constitutional means, why don’t you join?”. Babajanyan replied: “The political forces standing on the Square have been rejected by me, since I see their participation in this defeat. The public sentiments that were sown throughout the war by the media belonging to them and the military leaders who are in close relations with them have had their impact.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges the ex-head of the media not to discredit his colleagues. Before blaming the media of formers for the defeat, the deputy must first talk about the official information disseminated by the representative of the Ministry of Defense during the war. As far as the accusations are concerned, this is a vicious style of the authorities’ activity, when everyone is accused of robbery without any evidence.