Public Television, operating at the expense of the public funds, has served exclusively for government propaganda

“Media Advocate” Initiative has repeatedly published analyses and monitoring results that have shown that the Public Television, operating at the expense of the public funds has served exclusively for the sake of government’s propaganda.

Currently, the Public Television continues to be the main propaganda machine of the government. After the document signed by Nikol Pashinyan, according to which most of Artsakh is under the subordination of Azerbaijan, protests take place, and the TV company does not seem to notice this, it continues to present a different picture to the public. ArmTV aired a series of threat and hate speech by young men in military uniforms, claiming that they were on the battlefield and that they would take revenge on the critics of the current government whenever they return. Public TV shows TV series, concerts, and other bleak materials that are simply inconsistent with the tense political agenda in Armenia.

Hovhannes Movsisyan, former head of the Public Relations and Information Center SNCO of Staff of the Prime Minister, was appointed as the new executive director of the Public Television during the protests. The latter’s name often appeared in the center of scandals, he was accused of turning the state structure into a state-funded “factory of fakes”. In fact, the director of the “factory of fakes” brought with him to Public TV, the attempt to create a false reality, which became one of the reasons for the current catastrophic situation; on the other hand, it is the style that is very close to the current authorities.

And all this is done by public means and on behalf of the society.