Azerbaijani theses are reflected in the titles of Azatutyun

During the war, when almost all the media outlets are united and work based on a common principle, RFE/RL’s Armenian Service published articles headlines of which were unacceptable to the public. They reflect the standpoint of the Azerbaijani side. Moreover, the Azerbaijani theses become the titles of Azatutyun articles. As an example, the article published on October 13 should be mentioned. It was titled as “Baku insists on maintaining the ceasefire.” Azatutyun also disseminates the official Azerbaijani statements, which are denied, and are fake.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges RFE/RL’s Armenian Service to be more careful when choosing the headlines. Azerbaijani official messages should not be disseminated and taken seriously. In this situation, any careless step may be used against us and overshadow the result of the joint work of all other media. The war situation and the martial law dictate new principles. These days only team mentality and united work can ensure our success in the information field.