Martial law should not become a pretext to intimidate the press and freedom of speech

Today, 24 media outlets issued a statement regarding the latest restrictions on the work of the media. “Media Advocate” initiative also joined the announcement. The heads of the media outlets substantiated that these restrictions are not in the public interest and that they contradict the legislation. The joint statement also called for the removal of these restrictions.

After this announcement, the police visited the 168 Hours editorial office, headed by Satik Seyranyan, President of the Union of Journalists. The police demanded to remove the announcement from the news outlet, the editor refused, offering to notify her in writing form. A protocol was drawn up on the spot that the editor refused and demanded a written notice.

“Media Advocate” initiative considers all this a step against freedom of speech. We urge the police to refrain from steps against freedom of speech.

Martial law and war should not undermine freedom of speech. On the contrary, on these days we must be more united in word and deed. The police, in its turn, must refrain from such steps.