Azatutyun TV unilaterally presented the scandalous events regarding the resignation demands of the ESCS Minister

On September 20, during its Sunday newscast, Azatutyun TV’s Hrayr Tamrazyan, referring to the scandalous events regarding the resignation of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik Harutyunyan, expressed his opinion: “It is not clear why they are protesting against uniting the “History of the Armenian Church” subject with the “Armenian History”, is not the history of the Armenian Church part of the Armenian history? This way it gains even more importance, why should it be taught separately? Furthermore, among those who severely fight against this decision are the former corrupt officials, for whom religion and piety are rituals at best, for whom especially two of Lord’s commandments, that is, do not steal, and do not want anything from your neighbor, are unacceptable. For years, the Ministry of Education has fulfilled the order of the authorities with its textbook policy; the episodes of modern history have been distorted in the history textbooks of universities and schools. What is being taught today is much better. Where do the children and grandchildren of the former authorities live and study?”

Then Hrayr Tamrazyan, referring to Arayik Harutyunyan’s resignation demand initated by the “Bright Armenia” fraction in the National Assembly, did not mention that there was an incident while taking the poster demanding the minister’s resignation into the NA building, as the security officer pushed the deputy of the opposition fraction. “Media Advocate” initiative considers it inadmissible for a host to express an opinion; the journalist must be neutral and refrain from expressing his own standpoint. It was obvious that the commentator was trying to defend the minister and to soften the wave of protests demanding his resignation.