The public discussion was unilateral

On September 13, Petros Ghazaryan’s guests on Public TV were Artashes Torosyan, expert of the General Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Alvard Poghosyan, Head of the UNICEF Education Programs Division, Heghine Hambardzumyan, teacher of the Vanadzor School № 25 after Viktora Ambartsumyan, Gayane Sahakyan, Deputy General Director of the “National Center for Disease Control and Prevention”. The topic was related to the recent educational processes. The public discussion was unilateral. Petros Ghazaryan mainly agreed with the views expressed, besides, he expressed opinions and gave qualifications: “We are a free country. We are now talking about the importance of wearing a mask at school, that the international experience is so, parents should explain to their children the need to wear a mask, Ms. Sahakyan explains that there is no oxygen starvation and diseases, but we have an MP who urges not to wear a mask, such things also exist, we can not avoid such kind of “phenomena”; I do not want to find a another word to define it.”  A free country presupposes freedom of expression, but not by a TV presenter, whose function is to raise the existing problems in the society and to find solutions through discussion in equal conditions.