Petros Ghazaryan’s attitude towards the church

Օn July 12 Associate Professor at the Chair of Armenian Language and History of YSU Faculty of Philology Narine Dilbaryan, Education Expert Anahit Bakhshyan, Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan, former Minister of Culture, publicist Nazeni Gharibyan were Petros Ghazaryan’s guests on Public TV. The topic of the Public Discussion was the standards of general education, most of the program was dedicated to the issue of removing the history of the Armenian Church as a separate subject from the school curriculum, which by the way resulted a stir and hot discussions among the public. Petros Ghazaryan was not neutral when asking questions.

Petros Ghazaryan also made a Facebook post regarding this topic, which the titled as “The Armenian Apostolic Church and the RPA”, where he mocked the church in a style typical of him, noting that he very often remembers that the Armenian Apostolic Church has an exceptional role reserved by the Constitution. “But that uniqueness first of all puts exceptional responsibilities on our church. The public has not felt that support of its church in case of many issues”. Petros Ghazaryan also accused the church of being in harmony with the previous authorities, as that authority regularly violates Lord’s commandments. During the Public Discussion, Petros Ghazaryan recalled the former ones again, in particular, referring to the Facebook post of the former Minister of Education Armen Ashotyan that this is nothing but a denationalization of education. Narine Dilbaryan, one of the guests, noted: “Let’s leave the political aspect.”

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses concern as in such conditions, when the host expresses an obvious attitude, a public discussion cannot take place. Petros Ghazaryan, who speaks of the exceptional responsibilities of the church, must realize that the Public Television has an exceptional role for the society too, as it is financed with its means and is obliged to serve the interests of the latter.