Hrayr Tamrazyan expresses his opinion instead of asking questions

Alvina Gyulumyan, a former member of the Constitutional Court, and Yeghishe Kirakosyan, the RA representative to the ECHR, were the guests of Azatutyun TV’s Sunday Analytical program with Hrayr Tamrazyan, on July 12. The topic of the discussion was the ECHR decision. During the conversation with Alvina Gyulumyan, Hrayr Tamrazyan made many claims when asking questions, furthermore, those claims anonymous, based on the rumors. In one of the questions he noted: “There is a group from the camp criticizing the authorities, according to which these judges have a very close relationship with George Soros, they even note that some of them were appointed under his auspices.” Alvina Gyulumyan answered that this is the first time she has heard of a such a thing.

Touching upon the blockade of the courts occurred months ago, Tamrazyan mentioned that the courts were not completely blocked, that the supporters of the Prime Minister had decided so. Alvina Gyulumyan disagreed, saying: “Who was the one who called for a blockade of the courts?” Tamrazyan supported the Prime Minister, then added “Unlike the tenure of the previous authorities, for the first time you, as a judge, are able to raise your voice of appeal, apply to the European Court, in the case when previously no judge of the Constitutional Court would dare to take such a step.” Gyulumyan answered, “That’s because the right of a judge of the Constitutional Court was not violated at that time.”

During the conversation with Yeghishe Kirakosyan, Armenia’s representative to the ECHR, Hrayr Tamrazyan said, “Should we run to Strasbourg or Brussels to seek advice from the Venice Commission in case the government is legitimately formed?”

“Media Advocate” initiative has repeatedly stated that RFE/RL’s Armenian Service expresses a strong attitude towards the recent developments around the Constitutional Court, they are being presented very subjectively, based not on journalistic principles, but on the approaches of the government.