Police is again used against a journalist and a media outlet

Ankakh.com editor-in-chief Varduhi Ishkhanyan wrote on her Facebook page: “I was recently called by the criminal police department and very politely invited to the police to provide an explanation about my post on Jhangiryan. I of course refused noting that if they are really interested in revealing election fraudsters, they should apply to the CEC (Central Electoral Commission) and demand the data of the opposition proxies of 1995-1996, members of the commissions, opposition parliamentary candidates and investigate the cases in order to find the culprits.”

“Media Advocate” initiative states that the police is once again used against a media and a journalist, and an attempt is being made to stand against freedom of speech again, to restrict the professional work of the media.

We urge to stop this vicious practice, to pursue the detection of physical and cyber attacks against the media, instead of inviting journalists to the police for their publications.