Dissent is being convicted in Armenia

According to the Hraparak daily, the criminal department of the police called the editorial and informed them that the prosecutor’s office instructed them to “study the circumstances of Hraparak journalist Edik Andreasyan’s article called “The little dictator and us” and resolve the issue of criminal liability.” The daily newspaper notes that the article is publicistic, it does not contain any factual data, the main idea is that Nikol Pashinyan should be dismissed.

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses its concern over the situation. Many current MPs used to work as journalists and have previously published critical articles on the authorities. Many of them are part of current government and try to hinder the freedom of speech and are initiating criminal prosecutions against their former colleagues.

In fact, dissent in Armenia is already convicted by means of criminal cases.

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses its support to the daily’s editorial office, to journalist Edik Andreasyan․ We will be consistent, so as these steps against freedom of expression receive an adequate assessment.