The cameraman of “Novosti-Armenia” news agency was subjected to violence

Garik Abelyan, the cameraman of “Novosti-Armenia” news agency, was also subjected to violence during the police operation near the NSS building.

Abelyan was first hit, after which he appeared on the ground, then one of the policemen stood in his hand, as a result of which his elbow was injured. The equipment belonging to the cameraman was also damaged. “I was conducting a live broadcasting with everyone when the police, along with the special units appeared. They gathered journalists, Tsarukyan and the people who were with him around a tight circle. A commotion started, the circle was tightened, we could not get out. I was trying to keep the technique by continuing to shoot. They started putting pressure on us and hitting us randomly. Nobody understood anything. I fell on the ground, the equipment was damaged, they stood in my hand and hurt my elbow,” Garik Abelyan told

According to the cameraman, he is now heading to the hospital in order to examine his injuries.

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses its support to “Novosti Armenia” agency and Garik Abelyan. We will be consistent, so as the incident does not remain unpunished, we will also support Garik Abelyan within the framework of international and internal laws.