We urge Alina Nikoghosyan to respect the activity of the media

Hetq news agency published an article referring to the story of a married couple infected with Covid 19. According to the published article, coronavirus-infected Arman Babajanyan, was hospitalized for 10 days, but was sent home leaving the treatment halfway.

Referring to the article, Alina Nikoghosyan, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, did not deny the facts stated in the interview published by the news agency.

The spokesperson, in fact confirming all this, reprimands the news outlet, adding in her speech that she is against that patients spread information including medical matters. The news agency, in its turn, acted in accordance with the rules of ethics and information dissemination, having reliable information and the consent of the interviewee.

We urge Alina Nikoghosyan to respect the activities of the media.