The media was unfairly accused of disseminating fake news published an article entitled “The National Assembly Members were again given a bonus.” Hovhannes Hovhannisyan and Babken Tunyan, deputies from the “My Step” fraction, tried to deny as they posted denying updates on their Facebook pages.

They accused the media of disseminating fake news, but according to the K-56-A decision adopted by the National Assembly on April 2, 2020, Ararat Mirzoyan ordered to give a bonus to deputies.

In fact, the deputies of the National Assembly unfairly accused the media of disseminating fake news. “Media Advocate” initiative urges the deputies not to label the work of the media and to get acquainted with the documents published in the National Assembly before issuing statements.

It is worth mentioning that NA Vice Speaker Lena Nazaryan later touched upon the issue related to bonuses of NA staff and deputies on her Facebook page, noting that the NA employees were awarded for full and effective work done in March, and the bonus fund for about 700 employees and deputies on April, May, June will be fully transferred to the “Donation of individuals and organizations to the state, financial assistance to prevent and overcome coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” Treasury account.