April 6, Monitoring Results of Media Activity Restrictions in an Emergency Situation

Օn April 6, “Media Advocate” Initiative monitored the work of the Commandant’s office with the media in emergency situation.

The “COVID-19 Armenia” fact-finding group has issued a statement: “We think that during the state of emergency established within the framework of the acts against coronavirus, it is necessary to ensure the principle of legality, to exclude unnecessary and disproportionate restrictions on the rights and freedoms of individuals as much as possible, as well as to ensure the legality of the adoption and application of legal acts.”

The international media reported that the creator of the coronavirus had been arrested in the United States. The news was published by the Armenian media, then the information was later denied, after which the Armenian media either published a denying statement or removed the material at all.

“Media Advocate” Initiative also highlighted the articles on the coronavirus and coronavirus-related issues appearing in the media on April 6. As a result of today’s monitoring, the featured articles were reviewed and no removed publications were found except for the above-mentioned article taken from the international news source.