Print media activity is terminated

“Media Advocate” Initiative was informed that by the decision of the Commander’s Office, the print media activity was terminated.

It is understandable that coronavirus is spreading rapidly and this step is aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, but given the methods used against the media, one may have an impression that the only way to silence the print media is to terminated its activity.

It is not possible to remove an article from the print media, just as they do in case of online platforms, and in case it is not published, the Commandants’ Office is exempt from this problem.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the business sector also suffers. Many print media representatives may not regain their former state after a break. The state of print media in Armenia is already in crisis. “Media Advocate” initiative hopes that after stabilizing the situation, the authorities will help print media representatives to regain their activity and return to normal work.