March 26, Monitoring Results of Media Activity Restrictions in an Emergency Situation

Օn March 26, “Media Advocate” Initiative monitored the work of the Commandant’s office with the media in emergency situation.

“Media Advocate” Initiative collected all the coronavirus-related materials and summarized the results of the monitoring. When conducting its research, the Initiative noticed that the speech of the Director-General of the World Health Organization Adhanom Ghebreyesus was removed from the Public Television’s news agency․ The publication was removed from news agency as well but was later restored.

Speaking to, Andrey Ianitskiy, the host of the Ukrainian Espresso TV’s economic program “Capital”, speaking about the emergency state established in the country, noted that he is doing everything remotely, he just has to go to Newsroom once a week. According to Andrey Ianitsky, there is no restriction on the distribution of information to journalists In Ukraine. Referring to the prohibitions on media in Armenia, he noted: “Soft restrictions may help avoid panic and the spread of misinformation, but tough measures may in their turn endanger freedom of speech.”