Both sides violated professional ethics

Օn 9 February, during Azatutyun TV’s Sunday Issue, Hrayr Tamrazyan hosted the Constitutional Court judge Vahe Grigoryan. The interview lasted more than an hour. The points voiced by the judge of the Constitutional Court contradicted many of his earlier statements, but Hrayr Tamrazyan did not make any comment on this. For example, when elected as a CC judge, Vahe Grigoryan announced at the NA that he is going to the Constitutional Court with the powers of the CC President. This scandalous statement by the judge became a subject of heated discussions. When asked: “How does it happen that newly elected judge Vahe Grigoryan assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president in parallel with Hrayr Tovmasyan’s tenure?” nobody could give an answer. Hrayr Tamrazyan didn’t talk about it, even after Grigoryan’s idea that he is satisfied with his title: “I’m going to be the judge that anybody who imagine himself a leader in the judiciary will definitely not have a calm life.”

“Media Advocate” initiative considers Hrayr Tamrazyan’s obvious attitude towards the guests sympathetic to the authorities, unacceptable. A journalist is restricted to express his attitude, just as a CC judge is restricted to make political statements. As a matter of fact, both sides violated professional ethics in this interview.