Azatutyun reporter’s “questions and assertions” and Edmon Marukyan’s exhaustive answers

On February 6, in the pavilion of Azatutyun TV, Karlen Aslanyan’s hosted Edmon Marukyan, head of the “Bright Armenia” party. The reporter expressed his opinion on almost all issues; “You accept the fact that Hrayr Tovmasyan has assumed the office of CC President as a result of a dishonest deal”, “You want Hrayr Tovmasyan to be dismissed as soon as possible”… To Edmon Marukyan’s opinion that the referendum is a venture, a blow to the economy of the Republic of Armenia, a blow to the Constitution, the process completely contradicts the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the international obligations of the Republic of Armenia and it is not excluded that they launch an initiative to apply to the Constitutional Court, the journalist responded: “If you do that, the ball will again be in Hrayr Tovmasyan’s court; moreover, you will serve it as a gift on a tray, so please stop it again.” Marukyan noted: “I am not interested in Hrayr Tovmasyan himself. We consider institutions. The Prime Minister has made this his personal issue, we do not have any state to solve personal issues for anybody.”

To the journalist’s assertion that you like it or not you are in the same camp with the former ones today, as they are the only ones who support Hrayr Tovmasyan, Marukyan responded: “There are deputies from their fraction who have elected Hrayr Tovmasyan; After the revolution there was no issue related to CC, after the revolution Nikol Pashinyan and Ararat Mirzoyan were drinking champagne with Hrayr Tovmasyan. When the parliament elected Vahe Grigoryan, this process started. They solve a personal, a very specific problem. But these specific problems may be solved by 88 people, why do you drive 2,55 million voters out of Armenia, spend money, engage the country in a referendum campaign to solve your personal problems, the people got into trouble because of the story of pens? ”

The journalist then asked, “Do you consider the violation of the law legitimate?” Edmon Marukyan responded: “It is impossible to restore justice by breaking the law. Whatever you sow, you will reap. Today it has gone this way, tomorrow there is a power change, the judges appointed by Nikol Pashinyan will be thrown out, this will be a bad precedent for the state, moreover we will have problems in Europe, we will have problems in the region. The Prime Minister’s speech was terrifying, never a threat, with such an approach has been voiced. We will not allow the Armenian parliament to become a Polit Buro, one to speak, the other to clap. Armenia will not become North Korea, we will not allow it. These processes do not go well.”

“Media Advocate” Initiative urges Azatutyun’s journalist to remain within the framework of professional ethics to uphold the principle of neutrality. We have repeatedly noticed that Azatutyun has become a propaganda machine for power, and its journalists freely express their political preferences.