Today is the 13th anniversary Hrant Dink’s assassination

“Media Advocate” Initiative recalls that 13 years ago on this day, January 19, 2007, Turkish nationalists killed the editor of the Agos daily Hrant Dink in Istanbul. Every year on January 19, thousands of people gather near the editorial office of Agos, where the Istanbul-Armenian journalist was killed. Despite numerous threats addressed to him, Dink did not give up speaking of the importance of freedom of speech, human rights, and the rights of national minorities in Turkey. His way of speaking was impressive, and his speeches and articles were courageous just like him.

Due to his activity in Turkey, they began to speak about the Armenian Genocide, he reminded of the existence of the Turkish-Armenian community and the necessity to protect its rights. 76 people are suspected of Dink’s murder case. Only direct participants were convicted of the crime. His family and friends continue their struggle in order to fully disclose the case.

By the way, today and tomorrow from 19:30 to 01:00, on the building of the former editorial office of the Agos newspaper, in Istanbul, a dove will fly by means of a special light effect. In the last article published on January 10, 2007, Dink compared himself to a dove.