The journalists of “ArmNews” TV Company were insulted

“ArmNews” TV journalist Nane Hayrapetyan posted a status update on her Facebook page, according to which the protest over the closure of a maternity hospital in Yeghvard has been broadcasted live on their channel for several days.

According to Nane Hayrapetyan, incidents occurred while carrying out their professional activity. Some people have approached journalists and offended their professional work. “Some provocateurs have reserved right today and noted during the live broadcast: “Why are you talking in front of these, whoever should speak, will come and do it, why do you talk here”, that is to say, media is nothing but “these” for them,” Nane wrote.

According to the information, a man stated that the reporters are spreading misinformation. As Yeghvard residents reported later, that man is a representative of the Civil Contract (CC) party and a member of Council of Elders.

“Media Advocate” considers such treatment of journalists and media unacceptable. The initiative urges citizens and the member of council of elders to maintain correctness, not to cross the boundaries of politeness, to respect the professional work of journalists, and avoid offending journalists.

“Media Advocate” urges Yeghvard’s local government officials to identify their colleague and to conduct explanatory work, so that such cases are excluded.