Attempts to hack the Facebook pages of media representatives

On January 12, an article was published on, according to which the editor-in-chief of one of the Armenian news outlets was accused of collaborating with criminal authority and former NSS (Natonal Security Service) head Arthur Vanetsyan.

“Media Advocate” Initiative was informed that Boris Murazi, the editor-in-chief of, stated that the mentioned article meant him. Some tried to log in to his Facebook page. He informed that recently one of the employees of Public Relations and Information Center SNCO under the Prime Minister’s Office, has written him. Head of the SNCO Hovhannes Movsisyan met with one of the editor’s relatives and tried to collect some information.

“Media Advocate” also got informed that Astghik Matevosyan, editor of news outlet, in her turn, announced that she noticed an access attempt to her Facebook page. The editors blame the prime minister and point out that it was done under his instructions.

Public TV journalist Gevorg Tosunyan and 5th Channel host Agnesa Khamoyan also posted a note on their Facebook page stating the same issue.

“Media Advocate” recalls that recently has experienced a DDoS attack.

Considering these cases and statements, “Media Advocate” initiative expresses its concern and urges the authorities to fight against illegal information collection and encroachments on the freedom of speech and expression along with their fight against fake accounts.

Such actions do not promote freedom of the media but restrict the right to freedom of expression.

In addition, personal data collection in the Republic of Armenia is a criminally punishable act.