was hacked news agency posted a statement on January 9 noting that their website experienced a DDoS attack from 53 countries at once.

“Media Advocate” Initiative contacted the editor-in-chief. Knar Manukyan noted that specialists are already dealing with the issue. “It’s strange to me, I don’t understand what happened and why the website should have been attacked,” Knar Manukyan says.

According to editor-in-chief, they have already appealed to the chief of police and the NSS head, hoping that the law enforcement agencies will find out what happened and whether this may be a continuation of the attack on their editorial office.

“To be honest, the website has always been in the spotlight of law enforcement bodies, and then the editorial office has been attacked. Sometimes the website doesn’t function properly or does not function at all. All this raises many questions and doubts, but we can not claim that this all is deliberate or directed by a specific person either; we cannot claim anything now. There are many doubts”, notes Manukyan. According to her, it has been 2-3 weeks since the attack on the editorial office, but nothing has been revealed yet. “We have applied to the police so as they reveal the cases.”

“Media Advocate” was informed that had experienced a similar DDoS attack as well.

Touching upon the incident, military expert Karen Vrtanesyan noted: “The DDoS organizer may be sitting in a room next door, and the attack may be organized from 20 countries around the world.”

“Media Advocate” also contacted media expert Samvel Martirosyan, who told the following: “There have been no DDoS attacks in Armenia for a long time. In the case of, it is a domestic political issue, and it is difficult to suspect Azerbaijanis here. There is a doubt that the author of it is one of the heroes of the articles, of course, the reason is unclear, as carries out a very specific, little number of studies and investigations. Since “Zhoghovurd” is writing in a broader spectrum, it is difficult to imagine who stands behind it. I think it is an internal issue, but it may also be an external matter. We are approaching January 20, traditionally Azerbaijanis always initiate something in those days, theoretically it could be a test of their toolkit before a larger-scale attack. The problem with a DDoS attack is that you can’t figure out where the attack comes from, infected computers are used, running all over the world, and is very often ordered by certain people; anyone could do it.”

“Media Advocate” Initiative is concerned about the situation and urges the law enforcement agencies to pay attention to such cases and to identify those behind them, along with the initiative of fighting against Fake accounts.