Vladimir Karapetyan does not answer phone calls

Prime Minister’s Former press secretary Vladimir Karapetyan announced today on his Facebook page that he is no longer fulfilling his duties as spokesman for the Prime Minister of the RA. “This year of working in Prime Minister Pashinyan’s office was a great experience. As I had promised before being assigned to this position, I did it with pleasure and dedication. Thank you.”, wrote Vladimir Karapetyan.

“Media Advocate” Initiative got informed from the government’s website that the decision to dismiss Vladimir Karapetyan had been made yesterday, but it appeared on media and public today. Moreover, Karapetyan’s name is already missing in the relevant field on the Government website.

To get more information, “Media Advocate” Initiative tried to contact Mr. Karapetyan, but he did not answer our phone calls.

Several reasons are being discussed on social networks regarding Vladimir Karapetyan’s dismissal. It is noted that the Prime Minister was dissatisfied with his work. President of “Civil Consciousness” NGO Narek Samsonyan wrote yesterday: “Karapetyan provided a secret accreditation to a journalist of Rustavi 2 to ask Putin a question, and surprisingly, Pashinyan was not able to to bypass this issue in the Kremlin.”

It is also considered that the Prime Minister is trying to get rid of the former ANC (Armenian National Congress) representatives. Editor of Politik.am news agency Boris Murazi wrote: “Only Pashinyan could have fired Vladimir Karapetyan on Ter-Petrosyan’s birthday.”

“Civilnet” journalist Tatul Hakobyan, in his turn, expressed regret on his Facebook page; he particularly noted: “To cut short, it is an ungrateful decision. He worked with Nikol, taking several blows.”