Azatutyun has begun to violate the principle of neutrality more often

Azatutyun TV’s December 6 issue referred to the accusation against Barsegh Beglaryan, the president of “FLASH” Limited Liability Company (LLC). The report was entirely based on the speech of Chairman of the “Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia” NGO, Hrach Berberyan: “At that time, the villagers were complaining of poor fuel. Let’s ask a villager how many tractor engines were out of order during that time; half of them. Many villagers did not get this fuel, and had to obtain it from elsewhere to prevent their own tractor from breaking down. It was a disgraceful situation. ” Although the journalist mentioned that they had tried to contact Barsegh Beglaryan, but the phone was switched off, presenting only one side’s opinion makes the report unreliable. In order to make a balanced report, the journalist had to talk to villagers, experts, and politicians.

“Media Advocate” Initiative urges Azatutyun journalist not to subordinate journalistic principles to personal or editorial policy preferences. We note that Azatutyun has recently begun to violate the principle of neutrality more often.