“Media Advocate”’s comment on the mutual visit of Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists

The visit of Armenian journalists to Azerbaijan and the visit of Azerbaijani journalists to Armenia and Artsakh is being actively discussed in media.

“Media Advocate” initiative followed the comments regarding this mutual visit and concluded that Azeri journalists were more politicized, as they posted pictures on social networks and presented Shushi and Karvachar as their homeland.

Armenian journalists have had various meetings and discussions in Azerbaijan. Then a statement was issued by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, according to which Armenian journalists met with representatives of the Azerbaijani community of NKR. As a matter of fact, this information has been denied by our journalists, but the comments regarding it are still being received.

State agencies and Armenian diplomats should have anticipated such political manipulations and taken some preventive measures. In fact, our journalists were perceived as tourists, whereas Azerbaijani journalists were engaged in political activities.