Azatutyun presented a bilateral and incomplete report

The November 7 issue of Azatutyun TV referred to the recent statement of Constitutional Court judge Vahe Grigoryan. According to it, the National Assembly has not even come close to resolving the Constitutional Court crisis. The journalist received a comment on topic only from Edmon Marukyan, the head of the “Bright Armenia” Fraction, who noted that the National Assembly is not the captive of Constitutional Court judges. The journalist made her report entirely on the words of one deputy. The processes over the Constitutional Court were presented based on Vahe Grigoryan’s position. According to it, only Grigoryan and Arman Dilanyan may be considered as Constitiuonal Court judges, while it was not mentioned that Judge Vahe Grigoryan is not participating at the Constitutional Court hearings, which had even been stated during his interview with Azatutyun: “I really did not attend any of the hearings held in that court, and I explained to the members of the Constitutional Court the reasons of it, I somehow explained those reasons. Yes, I receive a salary and some bonuses. I don’t take advantage of all the other privileges I used to have back then.”

“Media Advocate” urges “Azatutyun”’s journalist to uphold the principle of versatility, not to violate the chronology and not to base on personal preferences when presenting events.