“Media Advocate” condemns this action against freedom of speech and free press

“Media Advocate” Initiative got informed from press and social media reports that today a person who introduced himself as an employee of the General Department on Combating Organized Crime, called Varduhi Ishkhanyan, editor-in-chief of ankakh.com and invited her to the Police Department for giving explanation on her Facebook post.

Varduhi Ishkhanyan refused to show up, after which some people visited her apartment and demanded for about 15 minutes to open the door and sign some papers.

“Media Advocate” Initiative condemns this action against freedom of speech and free press. We urge the RA law enforcement bodies to find out as soon as possible, who were those people who called the editor-in-chief of ankakh.com and later visited her apartment and clarify the purpose of their actions and the reason why they pursue her.

At the same time, “Media Advocate” Initiative states that it attentively follows the situation related to Varduhi Ishkhanyan, editor-in-chief of ankakh.com, and will promptly inform the public about the developments.