Hayk Marutyan is in the media spotlight

From 1 to 20 October, 2019, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the mayor of Yerevan, Hayk Marutyan’s personality and activities.
35 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.
In the specified period, 558 articles were declared, 118 of which were negative, 39 were positive and 401 were neutral.
Yerevan recently celebrated its 2801 anniversary. The organizational efforts have been positively presented by media outlets until the fire broke out, causing critical comments.
Anahit Tarkhanyan, an architect, member of the Council of Chamber of Architects, noted that when walking in Yerevan she did not have a feeling of a holiday and celebration. She also touched upon the cooperation between Municipality and Chamber of Architects: “I am surprised that even the architectural and urban development issues that demand public discussions are not raised, there are no discussions related to these issues, though one could find a specific point about it in Hayk Marutyan’s election program. Neither the opportunities provided by the Chamber of Architects nor other professional platforms are being used. It’s not about money, it’s just a matter of willingness.”
The media also reported that Mayor Hayk Marutyan and adviser to Prime Minister on a voluntary basis Artak Gasparyan have some business interests in acquiring “KamAZ” for garbage disposal. According to the publication that is exactly why the mayor decided to buy the most expensive one; “The Yerevan Municipality, with the persistent efforts of Mayor Hayk Marutyan, is doing its best to buy Russian “KamAZ” garbage trucks, which are incomparably more expensive than “Maz” trucks. In particular, the “KamAZ” trucks suggesting the same volume (16 cubic meters) of waste were offered to the Yerevan Municipality for 42 million drams, while “Galoper” LLC offered the “Maz” with the same parameters with a lower cost suggesting to purchase it 10-15 million cheaper, as it was in Abovyan’s case that is it could cost from 25 to 28 million drams”.
It is also noted that “Sanitek” will apply to Arbitration Court and file a lawsuit against the municipality. It has been a subject of criticism. Hayk Marutyan is blamed for not approaching the “Sanitek” problem in a proper way.
Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan and Director of the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg Mikhail Piatrovsky visited the archaeological site “Karmir Blur” on October 19. Various issues were discussed, Mikhail Piatrovsky thanked Hayk Marutyan for his work and cooperation. The news that the car serving Hayk Marutyan will be put up for auction, as the mayor does not use it, has also been positively assessed.
One may also find positive reactions and remarks on garbage disposal. It is noted that the situation of garbage disposal has improved.