“Media Advocate” condemns the step directed against the journalist

It’s been several weeks now that “Hayelu araj” (“In Front of the Mirror”) aired on “Kentron TV” has been deprived of air. Author of the program, Angela Tovmasyan announced today on her Facebook page that her work at the “Kentron TV” has been suspended.She mentioned that it was not her initiative and she does not want to comment or give any assessments why this has happened. She particularly wrote: “I think everything is clear. It turns out that our family has been the target of “love and tolerance”, but I am not complaining about it, I only record this as an obvious fact. I am convinced that every closed page is a prerequisite for opening a new page. If you have something to say and do, you will always find a way to publicize it.”

“Media Advocate” initiative condemns such behavior of the TV company, considering it as a political step of hindering journalist’s professional activity. We reaffirm that the recent actions against the above-mentioned program are aimed at restricting freedom of speech.