Negative articles on Anna Hakobyan still remain popular

Positive articles continue to be published on Anna Hakobyan, the wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia, but the negative ones still remain popular.

Recently, it was reported that Mariam Pashinyan is looking for an editor for Anna Hakobyan’s daily newspaper. First, this information was criticized on the social networks and afterward, one could find publications in the media that after editor Lusine Barseghyan’s release, “the owners of the newspaper not only did not hold back the old representative of the editorial staff, but did not wait even a day and have released a statement in search of a new editor.”

According to media reports, Anna Hakobyan’s scarves cost from 200.000 to 300.000 drams. The media asked how could Mrs. Hakobyan afford buying scarves at these prices.

Discussions over the issues related to disabled serviceman Hayk Sekhilyan continue in April. According to news reports, Anna Hakobyan’s Foundation, however, refused to provide assistance to the military serviceman, and his family alerted that Hayk Sekhilyan’s condition is getting worse.

A charitable organization founded by Anna Hakobyan continues to be criticized. According to one of the publications, the correspondence between Narine Davtyan and Yuri Navoyan, president of the Moscow Dialogue organization, has it that Yuri Navoyan proposes Narine Davtyan to find a $ 200,000 donor for the fund, after which the latter promises to organize a meeting.