Amulsar as a litmus test

Amulsar has become a litmus test for the ruling political force. Some of the citizens’ protest against the mine exploitation and the ruling political force is still unable to find a solution and is trying to calm down the situation over the issue.

Another issue for the ruling force is the fact that their teammates, who used to be opposition representatives, have previously opposed Amulsar’s exploitation as a mine.

Lilit Makunts has also been criticized for the same issue; Lilit Makunts’ Facebook statement was not unambiguously accepted. Political scientist Gagik Hambaryan wrote addressed it: “Instead of being subjected to mental self-genocide and making the followers of her page to be subjected to it, Mrs. Makunts could only explain the situation to the people with a single sentence: “Dear people, we were wrong concerning the Amulsar case, the formers were right”.