Members of the 'Elq' faction hold a parliamentary briefing at the RA National Assembly

Lena Nazaryan has been criticized for retreating from her principles for position and money

Negative articles on the NA Vice Speaker Lena Nazaryan make up quite a large number: the main reason is the issue related to Amulsar. The media and the public remember that Lena Nazaryan fought for Amulsar’s exploitation before becoming a government official, but now she keeps silent. It is noted that Lena Nazaryan has retreaded from her principles for position and money.

Another scandal has erupted with Ruben Mkhitaryan, who was recently dismissed from the position of the chief producer of Armenia TV and moved to Gyumri. Lena Nazaryan commented on Ruben Mkhitaryan’s Facebook post: “So, you want to become a mayor with such a shallow brain?” Ruben Mkhitaryan first responded to this comment saying that he does not want to become a mayor and urged Nazaryan to deal with her own business.