Was Edgar Khurshudyan dismissed due to Anna Hakobyan’s intervention?

The number of negative and positive articles one the RA Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan are almost equal.

The feedbacks of the work done by Anna Hakobyan’s Charitable Foundation were the basis and the main reasons for positive articles.

Negative articles refer to various issues. Particularly, according to Marina Khachatryan, personal prosecution of the head of the Health Inspectorate Edgar Khurshudyan was undertaken, and he was released not only to Arsen Torosyan’s knowledge but also due to Anna Hakobyan’s intervention.

One still may find critical publications related to the activities of the charitable foundation. According to media outlets and some public figures, “the fund has deviated from its initial goal.”

During this ten-day period, they also recalled Mrs. Hakobyan’s statement on our soldiers who became victims of April war. In one of her interviews, Mrs. Hakobyan noted: “We have had thousands of victms from both sides, but we have sacrificed their lives for nothing.”