The RA Health Minister Arsen Torosyan’s rating remains low

The RA Health Minister Arsen Torosyan’s rating remains low. At the initial stage of monitoring Arsen Torosyan had a high rating in the media field and on the social networks, but currently Mr. Torosyan’s team fails to maintain his high rating.

Dr. Marina Khachatryan continues her series of analyses. This time Mrs. Khachatryan noted: “Taking into account the fact that Arsen Torosyan acted as a blood donor, means that he is a practically healthy person. Considering the above mentioned, I guess that exemption from compulsory military service of the RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, contains corruption risks.” Marina Khachatryan continues to act against Arsen Torosyan over the issue of the Gardasil vaccine. She applied to the NSS for clarifications.

According to the news release, the helicopter involved in the medical field for emergency response by the Ministry of Health could not help one of the citizens. According to the media outlet, the problem is that the helicopter is not adapted for night flights. This, in its turn, has been a subject of criticism.