The President is still unable to regain his positive rating in the media field

From 1 to 10 July, 2019, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the President of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Sargsyan’s personality and activities.

35 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.

In the specified period, 1008 articles were declared, 74 of which were negative, 39 were positive and 895 were neutral.

Armen Sargsyan is still unable to regain his positive rating in the media field. In the analyses, the words of Constitutional Court judge Vahe Grigoryan continue to be used according to which Armen Sargsyan is not a legitimate president. The scandal over the Constitutional Court is not calming down: Armen Sargsyan is accused of inaction and is reminded of the fact that he is the main guarantor of the Constitution. RPA member Eduard Sharmazanov said in his speech that he regrets that he had voted for Armen Sargsyan’s candidacy.

Armen Sargsyan’s visit to Syunik province by helicopter was also criticized. According to media reports, “as long as Nikol Pashinyan was not in the country, Armen Sargsyan was the one who tried to save the helicopter from rusting.” During one of the protests in front of the doors of Baghramyan 26, activists popped balloons with photos of politicians whose work they were dissatisfied with. Among those politicians was also Armen Sargsyan. The same protest was organized on the Constitution Day on July 5 and was mainly directed against Armen Sargsyan because the activists in their turn insist that Armen Sargsyan does not do his job properly and avoids standing against Pashinyan.

Some political forces think that Armen Sargsyan wants to become a prime minister. Representatives of political and public forces say that they will not allow such a thing and will protest if Armen Sargsyan decides to become prime minister.

As a contradiction to this negative news, it is interesting that according to IRI poll, the president’s rating has increased instead of declining. According to this poll, Armen Sargsyan’s rating is 81 percent, and Pashinyan’s rating is 72 percent.

Armen Sargsyan is less active in undertaking social activities because such steps did not create a positive rating. Armen Sargsyan should make a personal statement about the scandal on the CC, he should express his clear standpoint and close this issue forever.